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the fight over gun control raging on in maryland, tonight why advocates on both sides are renewing efforts to try and sway voters. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. governor o'malley signs new gun control legislation into law this week but the fight over firearms is not over yet. now gun control groups pushing to get this issue before voters and tonight wjz has exclusive video of the new ads supporting the governor's law. wjz is live, derek valcourt with more on the new ad that's about to hit air waves. >> reporter: with a referendum effort in full swing right now the ads are aimed at boosting support for the new law and the politicians who backed it. governor o'malley's signature on the firearms safety act means it's scheduled to take effect october 1st , but it is signatures on a referendum petition that could stop the law another 18 months when voters would decide whether to shoot down the law which bans
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assault weapons purchases, puts a 10 round limit on magazines and requires handgun purchasers to go through fingerprint and firearms printing and pay licenses and renewal fees. >> my guess is we'll get well over 100,000 at least. people just can't wait to sign it. >> reporter: facing such staunch opposition supporters of the law are fighting back. >> something had to be done and here in maryland we stood up. >> reporter: wjz has an exclusive look at the new ad campaign launching this week supporting the law claiming it reduces gun violence by getting weapons out of criminals' hands. >> with a fingerprint licensing law for 68% of gun owners like me support it. >> a requirement that gun crimes are reduced in the five states it's against the law. >> reporter: the nra decided to support a court challenge to overturn the law rather than a petition referendum, but the petition organizer says she doesn't want to leave the fate of the new gun law to the courts. >> i thought this citizens of
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maryland deserved a voice on this issue. >> reporter: so for now the gun battle rages on. >> reporter: backers of that referendum need to collect about 18,000 signatures by the end of this month and then another 38,000 signatures by the end of june. live at the inner harbor derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> it will be interesting to see polling on this issue. thanks. if the referendum is approved, it would go to voters in november of 2014. a stabbing this weekend at the university of maryland baltimore county as students prepare to go home for the summer. tim williams has more on the incidents and students' reaction. >> reporter: it's not the sendoff students were expecting. >> i got the message on my phone. it was a little surprising, but at the same time it was so random and i've never really seen anything like this before. >> reporter: nick springer and his dad are packing up his dorm room at university of maryland baltimore county.
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nick was among those alerted by text message about a stabbing on campus that occurred in his building in erickson hall. the crime is considered unusual. >> i think yesterday's incident was probably an isolated event. the security here like erickson is really intense. so i'm sure the other person must have been a student here. >> reporter: reports say campus police were called to the hall for a knife attack about 6 a.m. saturday. one student was found stabbed and taken to union memorial hospital in baltimore with nonlife threatening injuries. police took into custody a student who had withdrawn from school. students identified the potential probable with a campus that lies in the middle of -- problem with a campus that lies in the middle of a major metropolitan area. >> we've had some other things happen this semester and last semester, but nothing quite as big as this. >> we get e-mails and text messages about things going on around the area as well if they're closer to campus. so it's never a surprise, but it makes me a little nervous
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walking home sometimes. >> reporter: no names have been released. >> we just checked in and no further information is available now on the condition of the victim. we are learning more today about the driver who plowed into a virginia parade sending dozens of people to the hospital. authorities called for help after a driver suffered a medical emergency and crashed into dozens of hikers marching in a parade. more than 50 people were hurt. police say the scene was very chaotic. >> i immediately seen fire personnel, ems personnel, law enforcement personnel running towards a moving vehicle that was crashing through people, okay? as well as hikers from the appalachian trail doing everything they could do to stop this car. >> no one was killed. most of the injured hikers were treated and released from a local hospital. right now police are on the lookout for an out of control driver or multiple drivers
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caught on tape at a popular car event. look at this dramatic video here coming up on youtube. it shows cars peeling out, speeding and driving erratically in the parking lot at marley station mall in glen burnie. police made five traffic stops, but many of the wild drivers escaped getting into traffic on ritchie highway. neighbors who saw this video say they're stunned. >> that's scary to think that people are peeling out like that, could hit somebody. >> no injuries were reported. police say the mega car meet show was actually a sanctioned event. right now the nation is focused on a small community in florida where the sole winning powerball ticket was sold all going to one person. we have the latest on the record breaking drawing.
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>> reporter: lottery officials say someone purchased the one and only winning powerball ticket at this public supermarket in zephyrhills, florida. if. >> just very happy somebody in our little local town won. >> reporter: everyone in this small community of approximately 13,000 wants to know who the new multi- millionaire is. >> everybody knows everybody. most people have been here for years and years. so if i can't win, i hope it's someone that we know. >> just knowing that it was right down the street that somebody won was pretty exciting. >> we'll round it out this evening with no. 52. >> reporter: a single ticket matched all five numbers and the powerball during saturday's drawing. it's worth about $590.5 million, the largest jackpot in powerball history. people in 43 states and the district of columbia scooped up want dollars tickets hoping to win more than a half a billion dollars. lines formed from coast to coast, even though the odds of
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winning were one in about 175 million. players purchased so many tickets about 80% of all possible number combinations were sold. right now we don't know if the winner is an individual or a group that went in on a ticket together, but it's only a matter of time. the florida lottery doesn't allow winners to stay anonymous. >> the next powerball drawing is wednesday, but the jackpot is a little bit smaller. it's only $40 million. boy, that would be rough to live on, too wouldn't it? back here the weather is far from ideal, wet and cloudy to end our weekend here. let's take live look outside. it's still raining in some areas, looks like the sun is maybe fighting to peek out a bit. do i see some reflections on some of the taller buildings? let's go to meteorologist chelsea ingram. is the sun trying to get out right now? >> the sun is trying its hardest to peek through the clouds, not doing that great of
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a job. we'll see a few peeks of sunshine the next couple days, but the big story is we will see a lot more clouds than sun. 70 degrees right now in baltimore, so temperatures are actually very comfortable and mild in washington d.c., 75 degrees in easton, 75 degrees as well. we'll be dealing with a lot of heat located in the midwest that's all headed up our way. we'll be feeling like summer in no time, but with that warm humid air mass we have to deal with the chance for some rainfall and thunderstorms and thundershowers to go along with it. we'll have more coming up in your complete first fang weather forecast. >> some big honors for a baltimore native. today president obama singles him out during a chipsment speech at morehouse college. >> when leland shell ton was 4 years old -- commencement speech at morehouse college. >> when leland shelton was 4
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years old protective officers took him away from his mama. today he graduated from harvard law school. >> after graduating from city college in 2009 he went on to morehouse in atlanta, graduated with a 3.96. that is nearly perfect and now he is a member of a foster care policy group. we spoke to him on the phone. >> because of a kid like me can do what i've done and what i plan to do in life, i know there are many other kids in baltimore who can be the same thing. >> he was stunned to hear the president say his name and didn't know it was going to happen. he eventually wants to move back to baltimore and make it a better city for foster kids, more on this story tonight on our 11:00 news. coming up next tonight on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 a monster tornado touched down in the midwest, more of this video and the latest damage reports from the area. >> also new details about a home invasion that ends with
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police fatally shooting a hostage who is a college student, what the officers have to say tonight. >> and unanswered questions, investigators tear up railroad tracks after two trains collide in connecticut. we'll tell you what they're looking for. >> complete coverage continues with adam may, meteorologist chelsea ingram and sports with stan saunders. stan saunders. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points
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and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. it's mostly cloudy out there. the sun is fighting to peek out, 70 degrees in central
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maryland right now. kansas is predicting more severe weather for the state. look at this monster tornado caught on camera near rozell, kansas. luckily no injuries reported, but many other tornadoes right now breaking out across the center of the country. now to police in hempstead new york speaking out after a veteran police officer accidentally kills a hofstra student. andrea robello, her twin sister and two friends were also inside when a man in a ski mask entered holding people hostage. everyone was able to escape except robello. an officer got inside the home, got face to face with the suspect and had a loaded gun to that college student's head. >> the police officer fires several rounds. the officer eventually fired
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eight rounds in total. seven of those rounds struck our subject. one of those rounds struck the victim. >> now the officer was the only person at the scene to open fire. robello was 21 years old and was remembered at hofstra's graduation ceremony earlier today. crews are beginning their work on 2,000 feet of track, overhead wires and signals after a train derailment in connecticut. officials say the track must be rebuilt and work will continue around the clock until these massive repairs are completed. 72 people were sent to the hospital after that crash on friday night. nine remain there tonight. parking rules are being suspended because the amount of roadway commuters is expected to skyrocket in that state until the work is complete, no effect on train service here in maryland. getting one college degree wasn't nearly enough for a man in california. he just got his fourth one and he's 90 years old.
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wally tableson is the oldest graduate and earned his master of arts and he also has a bachelor's degree in history, a master's in literature and writing studies and a master's degree in history. congratulations to him. keep on learning all the way through. i love it. there are some big storms now in the center part of the country. i've been keeping an eye on this, some big tornadoes touching down in oklahoma. >> it's a very slow moving system. that's not going to get here until late week this coming week. >> it will eventually effect our weather. >> that's right. we'll talk more about that in the complete forecast. for now temperatures comfortable, around 70 degrees, humidity making things sticky, 78 degrees, winds are light and variable 30.12 inches. that's barometer. we'll talk more coming up in your complete first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. hope you enjoyed your weekend. temperatures are comfortable, but the cloud cover hasn't been too ideal. we're around 70 degrees now in baltimore, 73 in washington, 69 degrees in elkton and most of us sitting in the upper 60s to lower 70s, low temperatures tonight on the mild side as well. winds are light around 3 miles per hour out of the east in baltimore. we've still got an easterly component pulling in that atlantic moisture. that will continue to leave us with mostly cloudy skies. we'll be stuck in the clouds a while, but here's the thing. we've had a few breaks in the clouds throughout the day. this will be the pattern that continues into your monday and tuesday. we'll be dealing with more clouds than sun, but you'll be lucky to see a peek of sunshine or two through the workweek. on satellite and radar this is what we are dealing with. still paying attention to this area of clouds and rain. that's associated with low pressure and it will eventually lift overnight tonight as a
6:50 pm
warm front and that's when all these warm summer-like temperatures are going to be moving into our neighborhood. so let me take you through time here. here is how it will play out. tonight through tuesday that warm front is going to lift right above us, bring us southerly flow. however, we'll be dealing with a very human moist air mass. that means we'll get a -- humid moist air mass. that means we'll get a lot of in stability where the ground temperatures are warmer than the air above it. so we'll have chances for rainfall as well as scattered and isolated thundershowers or thunderstorms really for the next couple days, so not an ideal forecast, but it will be much warmer. around 66 degrees the bay temperature. tomorrow afternoon winds are out of the south 5 to 10 knots and patchy fog affecting visibility on the bay. tonight mild, 64 degrees, mostly cloudy, a passing shower or two, then tomorrow 80 degrees, variable clouds, a thundershower possible and much
6:51 pm
warmer temperatures. we'll get warmer in the next five days, 86 degrees by tuesday, 87 wednesday. we are dealing with chances for a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the forecast wednesday, leaving it mostly cloudy but a slight chance for a thunderstorm there, too 87 degrees, 82 thursday, 77 friday. with that system that's now in the midwest it's heading our way. orioles, not the best day for them today. >> no, sir. they are now lumbering and laboring in the ooze, muck and slime, third place in the american league east. they're going down, man. they're going down, man. i'll tell you about it just ,,,, çeçeçeçe
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stan is here with the wjz sports. >> yankees are still in first place and come to town tomorrow night, one game back of first place, boston, four games back of first place, the orioles. hey, no pretty picture this weekend for those birds. they lost their fifth consecutive game, their sixth in a row at home, sweet home, after getting swept in three games this weekend by those tampa bay rays. first off hi, there, everybody. did you know this is the noisiest place i've ever been in my life? bottom 4 birds losing to tampa bay 1 -0. manny machado two-1 pitch from matt joyce and he smacks the color off that ball all the way to the wall for a triple, near collision there for joyce and jennings. that set up adam jones for a base hit that scores and ties the game 1-1. later jones
6:55 pm
stealing second base. before you could blink the long lanky base rabbit stole third. here in top 5 former bird luke scott tattooing tillman's fastball up, up and away. birds lose 3-1 and get swept, yankees in town tomorrow night. elsewhere reds at phillies, bottom 2 , great defensive play, from the high corner having a diving stop and he's out at first. philly wins 3-2. in pittsburgh pirates catcher mike mchenry signing an autograph for a young fan at home plate. a long run and he makes the shoestring catch. pirates 1 -0. women's lacrosse, the salisbury team avenge their 2012 loss in a championship game division three for ncaa. they won the 2013 third team
6:56 pm
today over connecticut on this given sunday, a hard day's night for elana petanna scores four games in women's lacrosse. got some nba playoffs? we've got it, western conference finals, quincy poindexter. too little too late for the grizzlies in game one of the best of seven series because san antonio so full of vitality on the defensive boards, plenty of gas in their running game and the hot hand of tony parker, 20 points, nine assists as the spurs take care of business 105-83. that's sports. see you at 11:00. >> thanks so much. be sure to tune into cbs tonight at 9:00 for superstars immediately followed by wjz eyewitness news and tonight we have an exclusive ad that the governor is using to try and drum up support for maryland's
6:57 pm
gun law before it could go to referendum. >> also the president provides a baltimore student at today's commencement at moore house college in atlanta, his unique story and his reaction, the surprise reaction he had when the president called his name, those stories and more coming up tonight on wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. mean while, if you're firing up the grill tonight any advice? advice? >> just have an umbrella ,,,,,,
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